Our services:

  • Photography for dog owners, breeders, clubs and societies.
  • Advert design for those owners & breeders that want to standout from the crowd.
  • Website design and managment/hosting for owners, breeders, clubs & societies.
  • Show dog services for those that want extra help in obtaining the very best from their showdog.
  • Show dog productstfor dog owners, handlers and breeders.


Private Photo Shoot

A private photo shoot is the ideal way to capture photographs of your dog(s) that you will be able to cherish for ever. Unlike other photographers we are "dog people" ourselves which provides a unique insight into understanding their behaviour and also their attributes when it comes to getting that extra special image for an advertisement or that pride of place picture for the wall.


Another key difference between our service is that we operate as a team rather than just a photographer and owner combination. In our experience 3 people are often required to get the very best photos.


The location of the commission can be at your house/kennel or a local location that is convenient for you. During a shoot we are able to photograph multiple dogs, you can even share a shoot with a friend.


Included within the price of a shoot will be a dvd with all photograph proofs plus the right to select 3 photograph masters at no additional touch. Image masters include re-touching (Removing of leads, handlers, objects etc.) where required. Further Masters can be selected and purchased for a small additional charge. We also offer the opportunity for you to purchase prints for display in albums or as wall prints.


The cost of the shoot also includes the release of copyright (subject to you acknowledging the photographer as Arrogare) online and within printed media for the 3 Masters.


To book a shoot or simply if you wish to know more please feel free to <contact us>

Event Photo Shoot

We often attend canine events where we are willing to photograph your dog(s) on request. During these occasions we will allocate a 15 minute time slot to take 5 - 10 photographs per dog. These photographs will be provided on a DVD untouched with the option to purchase re-touching images and prints later.


Event organisers may book us to attend an event, dependent upon event and venue there may be a small attendance charge.

Photography Price List

Description: Price: Extras:

Photographs taken at Dog Event. A maximum of 10 Photo image proofs of a single dog will be provided. This price also includes a single full resolution "Master Image" of your choice which includes copyright release and re-touching (Removing of leads, handlers, objects etc.) where required. Further Master Images and prints maybe purchased. (see below)





Private photograph shoot at customer home/kennel or agreed suitable location. Pricing is based upon an hourly rate with no maximum number of dogs. (15 minutes minimum should be budgeted per dog).

All photo proofs will be provided (un-touched) on a CD/DVD following the shoot. 3 full resolution "Master Images" of your choice which include copyright release and re-touching (Removing of leads, handlers, objects etc.) where required are also included within the price. Further Master Images and prints maybe purchased. (see below)



£50 for each additional hour


Travel cost where travel is greater than 30 miles at £0.35p/mile

Additional "Master Image" including re-touching and copyright release.


6*4 hgh quality glossy print of a "Master Image" £3.00  
12*8 hgh quality glossy print of a "Master Image" £12.00