Our vision:

...To provide eye catching canine photographs, websites & advertisements through our skills in dog behaviour, exhibiting & judging, photography & design.

When it comes to photographing dogs you require knowledge & experience of dogs in addition to photography. We combine years of experience breeding, exhibiting and judging dogs - we know what is required and how to get it!.

We operate as a team, a single photographer is often not sufficent to get the very best images.



My bio:

Ross Green - I have been exhibiting dogs since 1980 and working in IT since the 90's. I have always been a keen photographer and many people have used my photographs in adverts, websites, facebook and wall prints. Late 2015 I decided to become more serious and upgraged my equipment to to a professional specifacation.

Acerrimus ex omnibus nostris sensibus est sensus videndi

The keenest of all our senses is the sense of sight (Cicero)